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Open Source Enlightenment

Good Collaboration in Open Source Projects

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Video: YouTube
Slides: PDF
Transcript: Text

Description: Thousands of open source projects are in constant development around the world. The key obstacles for these projects, and indeed for any software project, aren’t technical factors but human factors. Excellent ideas, and even excellent implementations, can be derailed by issues that have nothing to do with the roadmap, specifications, or code. This talk explores some of the top best practices for healthy collaboration, touching on topics like open discussion, respect, working with upstreams and downstreams, preparing for and handling “real-life” interruptions, and the life-cycle of contributor involvement.

(My thanks to Audrey Tang for the lyrical transcript of this talk, to Macpaul Lin for the video, and to Chia-liang Kao for proofreading the Chinese translations in my slides.)